Thursday, April 24, 2008

Toon Books

This wonderful new series is SURE to delight young readers - if you haven't seen them yet - YOU MUST!!! My first encounter with this series of Graphic Novels for younger readers was at PLA this year. I have purchased them all!

To Visit the Toon Books Website, click HERE.

To see their blog - go HERE.

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JLH said...

So great to have you visit and then to visit your wonderful blogs! I need to stay tuned for your good book ideas for my grandchildren and me. And on the Chloe blog I see that a friend of mine, probably, is the one from tennessee who visited because her family has just embraced a precious little girl from China, who lives with her family in my town and is now a friend of my grandchildren. A small world, indeed. I love your spirit and joyous energy!

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