Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mouse & Lion

Rand Burkert's Mouse & Lion is stunning.  This picture book takes Aesop's duo - mouse and lion - and brings them together again in a story that will capture children of all ages.  It is truly a masterpiece - the illustrations, by Nancy Ekholm Burkert, are so real - they capture the detail of nature and add to the stunning quality of this book.  This is a new picture book NOT TO MISS!  I keep opening it and looking at it again and again - it REALLY is that good!

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by the publisher.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Big Girls/Boys Go Potty

Marianne Richmond is ALWAYS a favorite author in my book - so when I saw these luscious little picture books come in the mail - I knew I was in for a treat!  I remember wishing for more options of books to read with my kids when I was working on potty training and there was not much out there.  These books, Big Girls Go Potty and Big Boys Go Potty, are perfect for reading to your little one to encourage them to use the potty!!  Don't miss these sweet books - the illustrations are wonderful too!

*I was sent review copies by the publisher.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Come the Girl Scouts!

Shana Corey and Hadley Hooper have teamed up to write and illustrate a delightful picture book giving some fun background to Juliette Gordon Low - the founder of the Girl Scouts.  Here Come the Girl Scouts is presented in such a fun way that children will enjoy this book - if they are in Girl Scouts or not!!  I love the history and richness of Juliette's (or Daisy, as her friends knew her) life.  And you can't read this and not come away with some interesting background on the Girl Scouts - this is truly an organization to be proud of!

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by the publisher.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Left Neglected

Lisa Genova is a writer that is well known - her book Still Alice, is still topping charts.  Her latest, Left Neglected, is just as intriguing.  I think what makes Genova so interesting to me is her background in neuroscience - you can tell she has this as she writes - she has insight into these conditions that many would not have.  Left Neglected is fabulous - it is the story of Sarah Nickerson - whose story is like many others - a career-driven, fast-paced life with three kids.  But it all changes one day during her commute to work - she looks down to make a phone call and doesn't realize that cars are stopping on the freeway ahead of her...
She is an a serious car accident - spends months in the hospital and therapy - and comes out with Left Neglect - a condition where her mind basically pays attention to nothing on the left side of her body - or on the left side of her  - period.  Fascinating and thought-provoking - this book will leave you grateful and inspired!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Warrior Sheep Down Under

My first Warrior Sheep book was a hilarious ride and I am pleased to say that these continue to be just that!!  Christine and Christopher Russell continue to succeed in writing books that make kids and adults laugh right out loud.  In their latest, The Warrior Sheep Down Under, these crazy sheep head off in their boat, Destiny, with their crazy fairy godmother leading them to the rescue of Tuftella - the ewe maiden and not just any ewe maiden - she is the fairest of them all!!  I am not kidding you - these are hilarious reads that are geared for ages 9-12 but will be loved by ages all around that age group!!!

*I was sent a copy for review by the publisher.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Backseat A-B-See

Maria van Leshout has written Backseat A-B-See, a book I only wish I'd had when my kids were smaller!!  What a fun book - It is a look at road signs via the ABC's!  All done on black and white pages that look like actual roads, this book is not only visually stimulating but fun to explore and see all of the different kinds of road signs too.  And just see if you can guess which sign they find for the letter "z"!!  Don't miss this fun book for kids!

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by the publisher.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Language of Flowers

Vanessa Diffenbaugh's The Language of Flowers is simply MAGNIFICENT!  I loved everything about this book - the  characters are strong and well-developed and the storyline is powerful.  The story begins on page one and never lets you go until the very end.  NOW, the subject matter is very difficult - there is nothing easy about reading about a child that is bounced around through the foster system and how hardened she becomes, but it is one of the richest books I have read in a long time!  Victoria's story is one that will break your heart - I kept wanting the best for her - but she just keeps sabotaging herself with her wrong choices.  I felt for her - I wanted to help her.  But what broke my heart the most is that MANY children live this life - and seeing what may become of them as they age out of the system just is so hard to read.  I highly recommend this book - as hard as the story is to read.  I emailed my friend just as I was 20 pages from the end and told her thanks for recommending it to me to read, but that the last 20 pages were bittersweet - I needed a break from her very hard story, but I did not want any of it to end!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Dressmaker

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic - I couldn't resist picking up this new book by Kate Alcott, The Dressmaker.  I liked it - it was a story that was easy to follow.  I guess I wished for more of the actual "Titanic" story, but having the boat sink within the first 50 pages or so - I guess you can see how that isn't going to happen.  I did like following the court proceedings after the sinking - that was interesting and a part of history that I was not very familiar with.  The storyline with Tess, a servant girl that gets on the Titanic by being willing to come to America with a famous dress designer, is interesting too.  She forms relationships with two men while she is on the Titanic and must ultimately choose between the two.  It is a very light read - but there was enough interest running with the court proceedings and the wealthy and how they handled the Titanic's sinking to keep you reading.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Embraced By God

This is a powerful book - it is one I will refer to often.  Because I ask myself often, "How could God love me?  Why would He love me?  Do I really matter to Him?"  And I know what the answers are supposed to be - but I need reminders.  Babbie Mason seeks to give us answers - reminders of why God does love us - why we matter to Him.  Her words are fresh, vulnerable, and penetrating.  Split up into 21 Day readings, this book, Embraced by God, feeds you daily bite-sized reminders of just how much you mean to God.  I felt like it was one great big hug - From God - through Babbie - to Me!

The publisher says:
Have you ever wondered, "Does God really love me? Do I really matter to him?" HE LOVES YOU. As a matter of fact, God loves you just as much as he loves His own Son. In the pages of this heartwarming, thoughtful and life-affirming 21-day journey, award-winning gospel singer, songwriter, and teacher Babbie Mason reminds you, when you know you are loved by God and that you are in His eternal plan, you’ll never again wonder if your life matters. Click for more information: HERE.
Babbie Mason is a Dove Award-winning and Grammy nominated gospel singer, songwriter, author, creator of the Embrace: A Worship Event for Women ministry, professor of songwriting at Atlanta Christian College and Lee University, and a television talk-show host. She was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame in 2010 and has appeared on numerous national television and radio programs. Babbie has been honored perform for Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Lady Margaret Thatcher, Colin Powell, Steve Forbes among many others. Babbie performs a holiday special at Carnegie Hall every year. Babbie lives near Atlanta on a farm with her husband Charles.
Read what others have to say about this book:  The Blog Tour

Embraced by God is a 21-day encounter that shares the unconditional love of God. "If you watch what the media says as to where we should find our identity--" says Babbie, "--money, beauty, power and technology--you'll just be confused about who you are and what your purpose is. As a culture we are trying to buy or sell what can only be administered to the soul by Jesus."

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*I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes.

Piggy Bunny

I spend most of my days ranting and raving over Jeremy Tankard's Grumpy Bird - yep, you don't have to be around me very long for that topic to come up!!  I think Grumpy Bird is fabulous and I share it with everyone I meet!!  (Ok, ALMOST everyone!)  So when I see a new children's book on the market with Rachel Vail as the author and Jeremy Tankard as the illustrator - I am ALL OVER IT!  Piggy Bunny is a fabulous new offering by an amazing team!  The storyline is wonderful - what happens if you are a pig and you really want to be the Easter Bunny??  Well, this is Liam's story, and it won't take you long to be as attached to Liam as I am!  He is adorable - and immediately I wanted him to be the Easter Bunny - just because he wanted to!  And from there continues this sweet story - encouraging kids to be anything they want to be......and maybe to ask Grandpa and Grandma for a little help making it happen!!  Perfect to share with  a young one!!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Animal Spots and Stripes/ Animal 1 2 3

Chronicle Books has a wonderful duo of picture books to help your little ones learn their numbers and more!  Animal 1 2 3 by Britta Teckentrup is a book our little ones will love!  The pictures are large and colorful and the fold-out pages are so much fun.  The numbers are giant and your little ones can even trace them with their fingers as they follow along.  Animal Spots and Stripes by Britta Teckentrup is another fun title that shows the reader a spotted and then a striped animal on each page - some of which are hidden under the giant flaps.  I know your little ones will LOVE these - make sure not to miss them!

*I was sent copies for review purposes by the publisher.

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