Friday, November 20, 2015

Mercy Me and Christmas!

There are new Christmas albums coming out all the time - but I want one that has new twists on old carols or new songs altogether!  Mercy Me hit it this time!  This album is full of new Christmas tunes as well as some of the old ones - I think just enough to keep everyone happy!

The opening "Newborn" gives me goosebumps - what a wonderful rendition of old and new!  I also loved "Sleigh Ride" - talk about a new rendition of an old song - I thought it was SUPER!  A fun song with a county twang is "Our Lullaby" - I told you this album has a little something for everyone.  And don't miss "Joy" - another new twist on an old song.  This is really a fabulous album!

And Mercy Me has teamed up with Pizza Ranch on this awesome album!

Mercy Me It’s Christmas​ CD will be available in Pizza Ranch locations beginning November 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.  It has 4 exclusive songs that can only be found on the CD version being sold by Pizza Ranch.  Each CD will be sold for $5 plus tax.  Pizza Ranch will give away the CD with a $25 gift card purchase as well as sell the full album at each of its 200 locations throughout the Midwest and Great Plains states.  "We are so excited to debut our new Christmas album, MercyMe, It’s Christmas, with Pizza Ranch” said Bart Millard with MercyMe. “Pizza Ranch is a fantastic restaurant with a great mission to glorify God. It's the perfect gift to give this Christmas season and the perfect CD to get you in the Christmas spirit."

*I was sent a review copy by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Ishtar's Odyssey

We have a favorite family tradition in our home - we read Christmas books leading up to Christmas.  We've done it for years, and yes, we have our favorites.  One series that always stuck out to me is the advent series made up of:  Jotham's Journey, Bartholomew's Passage and Tabitha's Travels.  When I saw there was a new book in this series, I almost begged to be included on this book tour!  Ishtar's Odyssey is another in this series by Arnold Ytreeide, that will continue to delight. 

Ishtar is the 10 year old son of a Persian wise man.  This story  is his journey out of his comfort of the palace to see the world and learn from more than just his tutors.  He comes up again disaster and dangers but he learns to rely on a strength he didn't even know he had.  I love it that he meets up with our favorites Jotham, Bartholomew, and Tabitha as he travels with his father and uncles to find the newborn king, Jesus. 

These books are divided up into chapters and are meant to be devotional readings leading up to advent.  If you do not have a family plan for advent - I highly recommend these books - they are historically accurate and pleasing for the whole family.

*I was sent a copy by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Get Your Story Straight

As a mother of a soon-to-be-teen in the "selfie" culture - I am always on the lookout for resources to encourage her to seek God and not the excitement of our culture.  Kristen Hatton's book, Get Your Story Straight, helps teens to focus on the gospel by getting them into the Word daily.  I love the in-depth study of the Word but also the thought-provoking questions that get teens (and adults) thinking about how they fit into both the culture and God's story.  Hatton speaks honestly and openly and there is no watering down either scripture or the law BUT she also compassionately reminds the reader of God's plan and love for them.  It is a wonderful combination of mercy and grace.  I plan to use this WITH my daughter - something she and I can do together to explore scripture and build our honest relationship as well.  What a great tool for our teens!  I am recommending it without hesitation!

*I was sent a copy for review purposes by the publisher.

War for the Waking World

Wayne Thomas Batson has been a favorite author of mine since he started writing.  He writes books that capture readers and are instant hits!  When I saw he had a new title coming out, War for the Waking World, I couldn't have been more intrigued.  It is the third and final title in his Dreamtreaders series and continues in true Batson tradition!

This is the story of Archer Keaton, a 15 year old, who has the power to enter and explore his own dreams.  Every generation, three people are chosen to be Dreamtreaders, and Archer is one of them.  I love the whole idea that these three Dreamtreaders are trying to protect the waking world from the Nightmare Lord.  Archer's life overlaps when his dreams become dangerous and then, so does his waking life.  This one is action-packed and teens and adults will love it!

*I was sent a review copy by the publisher for an honest review on my blog.

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