Monday, July 27, 2009

Wink The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed

I just finished J. C. Phillipps' Wink The Ninja Who Wanted to be Noticed and HAVE to share!!! Want a book that will make you smile AND laugh? This is it!! You don't find hardly any stories about Ninjas in picture book-format. AND I, for one, am SO glad this one is out there! I LOVED it and our kids will too - another great title for boys too!!! YEAH!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Chosen One

Carol Lynch Williams' The Chosen One was sent to me to review. Then, I started reading about it all over the blog world and my curiosity was peaked! I picked up and my copy and the rest is history. I could not put this one down. Literally from page one - I just kept going until it was finished. This is the story of Kyra, a 13 year old, growing up in the isolated community called "The Chosen". She finds out very near the beginning of the novel that she has been "chosen" to marry her uncle - yes, her uncle - who already has 6 wives AND is 50. I was appalled - disgusted - and mad! So I had to keep reading. It is an intriguing story - what Kyra will go to to make sure this marriage does not happen AND try to keep her relationship with the one she truly loves, Joshua. Riveting - a MUST READ!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

If you've read my blog at any length - you know I adore Grace Lin. Her work is fabulous - her illustrations are magnificent - Need I say more?!!? Well, her latest novel, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is truly a work that shines. I love it that this is a novel AND a novel set in China. It is an intricately woven story - the story of Minli - a young girl that is off to find The Old Man of the Moon and see how she can change her family's fortune. There are magnificent illustrations throughout- they add authenticity and a wonderful Asian feel to this story. My favorite part of this novel is the way that Lin weaves old Chinese tales into her story - she explains some within the story and then leaves you wanting more. I truly LOVED this book and can't wait to tell all of my junior high readers about it - I REALLY want to use it in a book club with our young teens - but right now it's too new to inter-library loan so I must wait!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sylvan Dell Does it Again!

Another box of fabulous math/science titles - I just can't say enough good about Sylvan Dell. Check out these new Fall titles.

Moose and Magpie by Bettina Restrepo and illustrated by Sherry Rogers
It is not often that you can find a fun book to teach you about the finer points of being a moose - this book is excellent for that! Moose and Magpie learn from each other and keep life fun. You will enjoy this one and so will your kids.

Mother Osprey: Nursery Rhymes for Buoys and Gulls by Lucy Nolan and illustrated by Connie McLennan is such a fun find. Nursery rhymes - all with a nautical theme - I love it!! It is fun and yet teaches all sorts of great things about oceans and ocean life.

What's New at the Zoo? by Suzanne Slade and illustrated by Joan Waites
I think this would be a great title for a zoo theme - it is a fun read that takes you on a trip through the zoo but ALSO has you doing math - addition - at the same time. That is what I so enjoy about Sylvan Dell's titles - they are so often not just covering one topic, but two at the same time - their books are usable over and over!

Count Down to Fall by Fran Hawk and illustrated by Sherry Neidigh
Fall is on it's way and this title will be a super one for all teachers looking for a new title to add to their fall unit. Again, a counting book, but also a look at trees, wildlife, and how fall affects us all. I will be using this one in my fall story hours.

And don't forget their website that is just FULL of great "extras" for each book - classroom ideas, websites, teaching ideas, and more!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Furniture Review

It's not everyday you get to do an office furniture review, so I am excited! I was approached by CSN Office Furniture to do a review on one of their products. I can't wait to get it - because I chose THIS!!!! AND just in time before we head off to China - I will REALLY get to try it out. I was just impressed - this website is VERY easy to navigate and the keyword search worked great. Go give it a try - they have a HUGE selection - from office furniture to office supplies. AND their prices are good too!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shanghai Girls

Lisa See has another wonderful title that DOES NOT disappoint. Shanghai Girls was a powerful book. I appreciate that See's titles really focus on the plight of Chinese women. She lays it out there and doesn't leave anything out. This book is heart-wrenching - what these two sisters go through to make a life for themselves is amazing. Just when I would think they were going to come out "on top" - another event would happen that would leave me wondering what else could possibly happen as they had been through so much. I really enjoyed this book - it was so reminiscent of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - truly one of my all-time favorite books. Fabulous read.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Higher! Higher!

I know - it's a children's book - but I LOVE IT!!! Higher! Higher! by Leslie Patricelli is sitting right there at the top of our list!! Chloe and I sat and read this and laughed and laughed - you will relate too - we all can. Sitting on that swing - saying, "Higher, higher." And the adventures that would ensue if one could REALLY go higher - all the way up, I mean! You've got to read this one - share it with a child - you WILL relate! Then you need to go find a park and swing together!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The New Policeman

I finished The New Policeman by Kate Thompson a few weeks ago but haven't had a minute to blog about it! I went into it quite hesitantly - I was convinced it wasn't "my kind of book", but by Chapter 2 - I was hooked. It is a GREAT read - one that each chapter you ask yourself, "What is going on here?" I LOVED it and highly recommend it - set in Ireland - involves a time warp of sorts AND music - you can't beat it!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Motherbridge of Love

We have found a book that we just LOVE. Barefoot Book's Motherbridge of Love is just superb!! As an adoptive mom, I am always on the lookout for these types of books that give my daughter a reason to smile that she's adopted. GO check it out by clicking on the title - it will take you to my Barefoot Books site and we get a portion of the credit from your purchase. You will NOT be disappointed - it is a book that we read over and over. The illustrations are WONDERFUL and add so much to the asian flair. We LOVE it!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Horrid Henry

Horrid Henry is just that - HORRID!!! But with Francesca Simon as author and Tony Ross as illustrator - the kids are SURE to love him!! "Henry was horrid. Everyone said so, even his mother." So begins the story of Henry and his laugh-out-loud adventures. I sat here at my desk laughing, chuckling, and yes, even snorting at Henry's hilarious adventures - and if these books had me doing that, and I'm the YOUTH SERVICES LIBRARIAN (said sternly and with NO smile on my face!!) then imagine what boys and girls alike will be doing as they devour these short, easy-to-reading beginning chapter books. Simon is a genius - these will hook kids on books - and another great series to give to those reluctant-boy readers! Don't miss the whole series AND the upcoming video game!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

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