Thursday, May 04, 2017

Awakening to God Today App

I want you to be aware of a new app that has really encouraged me.  It is called Awakening to God app and it is such a great tool to see God working in your life.  Upon opening the app, you are given a daily verse.  From there you can add notes in a journaling format that has been set up for you and you can even include photos.  It becomes a journal of sorts because you can go back on your timeline at any time and see what you previously noted.  I love that it's all in one place and it saves for you to come back to later.  I am excited to continue using it and see how God has worked!

The purpose:
·         to inspire and encourage thousands of people in their walk with Christ (hopefully, leading to another ‘Awakening’ – see 2 Chron 7:14); and

·         to raise the funds to: dig a well in 100 villages in India, provide 40,000 meals to widows and orphans, 15,000 mosquito nets and a medical team for immunizations, cataract operations and other services.

Watch the video explaining about the app - -
Visit their website -

A little about the founder’s: Gerald & Jeannie Long experienced success and wealth based on the values of the world and also the deepest grief and suffering from the death of two of their three children.  On their journey, God has revealed His grace and glory to them in extraordinary ways.  In particular, they’ve experienced how God is able to redeem the most painful areas of our lives and turn them around for good.  Gerard has caught a deep awareness of eternity and Jeannie has experienced God’s presence and glory when she was close to ending her own life.  Their marriage has triumphed when all seemed lost and they’ve learnt invaluable lessons on their unbelievable journey.  And, they have a very clear message of God’s calling for each Christ follower to obey the Great Command and the Great Commission.


Monday, May 01, 2017

Independence Cake

What a fun story - a story of young girl who loves to cook and is asked to make a cake for the new president, George Washington.  In Independence Cake, our young readers will thoroughly enjoy this tale of a young girl who wants to be busy with her hands and the great honor she is given to cook for the president.  The illustrations were so fun and whimsical - just right for this story.  This would be a great read aloud and very fun for 4th of July or cooking story times.  Deborah Hopkinson has crafted a tale that you will not want to miss.

The story is not true but it is loosely based on a true female in history.

A Letter To My Teacher

I'm pretty sure this children's book should have been for adults!  I LOVED every inch of this tender story.  BUT I am sure kids will enjoy it as well.  Deborah Hopkinson's A Letter to My Teacher is a picture book that tells the story of a little girl who finds school hard because she just wants to be busy!  She is a typical second grader with lots of energy but, thankfully, she is given a teacher who "gets" her.  She is writing the story as a letter back to her second grade teacher to thank her.  It's a sweet, sweet story that deserves to be shared.

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