Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

I highly recommend this book, Beautiful Creatures. I wasn't sure when I started if I'd like it much, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have written a winner! It is the tale of Lena Duchannes - the new girl in town - that seems to have some special powers and is attached to Ethan through dreams. Lots of historical references to the Civil War time period - that was also a plus for this book. Great twists and turns - not at all what I expected - and it's not vampires and werewolves!! They are "casters" and this breed is giving the town of Gatlin a run for its money! History, romance, adventure, mystery - this book really has it all - I will highly recommend this one!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading on the Spectrum

I am doing a lot of reading on Sensory Processing Disorder and the Autism Spectrum - so when I found THIS article, my ears (ok, maybe my eyes!!) perked right up!! If you have a child on the Autism Spectrum - read on - this one will encourage you and help you reach out to your little reader!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Daddy's Delight

Can you say that you are divinely designed? Do you believe you were fashioned by God and are precious to Him? Do you know you are his work of genius? If you said "No" to any of these questions then I have a book you really NEED to read. Dr. Karia Bunting has written Daddy's Delight - and I am telling you, it is a fabulous read. As women, we do not always embrace the fact that we were indeed created special and for a divine purpose. We are too busy comparing ourselves and tearing ourselves apart. But we are "God's Spitting Image" and that is what we can claim and cling to - even on the days when we feel unsure of what our purpose is. I LOVED this book - it inspired me and challenged me - challenged me to see who I am in light of who God is. We are women living in a fallen world - we will have challenges, but we can face them KNOWING who we are and come out stronger. As Bunting states, "Walk in faith, knowing that God has prepared everything for you to live your life rich in His care - no matter what experiences you have to endure." Yes, this is a GOOD one!!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I See I Learn

I always enjoy seeing what's new out there in children's lit. So when I saw this festival, I joined right in!!
I was sent a series of books by Charlesbridge Publishing - Stuart J. Murphy's I See I Learn Series. I was SO impressed - this is a series that is designed for the preschool age - to help them learn skills that will aid in school readiness and even everyday life. The series is organized around 4 learning domains: Social Skills, Health and Safety Skills, Emotional Skills, and Cognitive Skills.
The characters are fun and our little ones will relate to the struggles they face in their everyday lives. We all can relate to topics like making friends, building confidence, staying safe, etc. Great series - enjoyable and yet teachable moments - I love that!!

*I was sent copies of these books for review by Charlesbridge Publishing.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Name is NOT Isabella

Jennifer Fosberry has written a delightful children's book, My Name is Not Isabella. This is a strong girl-read that will challenge our little ones to "think big".

Little Isabella's mom tells her what she would like her to do next in her day, and each time, Isabella tells her mom, "I am not Isabella, I am...". She fills in the blank with the name of a famous woman in history - one that corresponds with what she is doing in her day. I LOVED this book - not only is it a great one for challenging our kids to think about what they can do in our world, but it also introduces them to strong female women in history! The ending pages of the book give brief synopses on each of the famous women mentioned in the book.

Mike Litwin's illustrations are wonderful as well and add to the fun "feel" in this book! Delightful and inspirational!!

*I was provided a copy of this book for use in reviewing the title by the publisher.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman

Francesca Simon's Horrid Henry series continues to be a big hit here at our library. So her latest, Horrid Henry and the Abominable Snowman is sure to be another that we can't keep on our shelves! Henry is just quite the kid - he is full of energy and fun - and our young readers can't seem to resist him! My favorite chapter in this book?? "Horrid Henry's Author Visit!!" Yep, it's a good one!!

This is a series that boys respond to and it makes them laugh - just what we want!!! (Well, girls like it too, but I love it when I can get a boy wanting more of a series!!) Don't miss her latest release!

*I was provided a copy for review by the publisher.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vicki Cobb, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE science authors, has written a new science book for kids called What's the BIG Idea? Amazing Science Questions for the Curious Kid. This is another science great from the master!!

There are four big ideas in this book that are tackled by a series of questions:

· Motion—Why can’t you stand an egg on its end? Why doesn’t the moon fall to earth? What is a swinging object good for?
· Energy—Do hot things weigh more than cold things? Why is the sky blue? Why not green or yellow? Does water that boils faster cook faster?
· Matter—Which weighs more: a pound of feathers or a pound of gold? Why does an ice cube float? How much does air weigh?
· Life—What makes a living thing a living thing? Why are plants green and blood red? Why can’t I live forever?

Of course, Cobb fills her book with examples and experiments that lead our young readers to learn more. AND, by the end of the book, children will have dabbled with biology, chemistry and physics!! What's not to love!?!?

*I was provided a copy of this book for review from the publisher.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Crossing Oceans

Gina Holmes' first novel is just fabulous. I will say that sometimes I am skeptical of Christian fiction - it can be so predictable that it just doesn't keep my interest. That is NOT SO with Crossing Oceans. If I thought I had it figured out in the first few pages, I would have been very wrong. It takes twists and turns and all the while kept me in tears or smiling at the antics of Grandma Peg. This is the gut-wrenching story of Jenny Lucas, a single mom, who has just found out she is dying of a form of stage 4 cancer. She chooses to fore go any treatment and takes her daughter, Isabella, to meet her birth father so that they can form a relationship that will continue when she dies. It really is a powerful read - it makes you think about relationships in general, but also family and the important ties there. Another great read - I have really hit the jackpot of books this past week!!

The Boy Who Changed the World

When you stop to think about it - everything you do has an impact. And that is what Andy Andrews' book made me do - stop and think about it. Even in a seemingly very insignificant life, every action has an impact. Andrews' book, The Boy Who Changed the World, is one that I will encourage our kids to read. It tells the tale of men throughout history that have made a huge impact without even meaning to - Norman Borlaug, Vice President Henry Wallace, George Washington Carver, and Moses Carver - all boys that were challenged to think big and make a difference in the world. As George Washington Carver told young Henry Wallace, "Remember...God made you to make a difference. And I believe you will."

Not only does this book shine in "content" - it also has illustrations that add to the warmth and feel of the book. Philip Hurst is the illustrator that provided these warm and tender illustrations.

This whole premise is based on the Butterfly Effect, of which Andrews has also written another children's book challenging kids that they, too, can change the world. Powerful books - great premise - and something our kids need - challenge and inspiration. One of my favorite parts of this book was that it was set in Iowa - YEAH Iowa - there aren't too many books set in Iowa that those of us that grew up in Iowa can claim and be proud of!!

I was provided a copy of this book to use for review by Book Sneeze.

I review for BookSneeze

Monday, September 06, 2010

Choosing to SEE

Mary Beth Chapman's Choosing to SEE is a powerful read. I began with the dedications, of course, and immediately turned into a tearful mess that continued on for the duration of the book. The story is raw and powerful. Loosing Maria had to be such a foundation-shaker - I can not even imagine - and what it could have done to Will is also hard to fathom. But, once again, it brings you back to our very big God and the strength the Chapmans have because of Him is amazing. I was encouraged and challenged in my own walk - great read!

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