Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Never Say No

Mark and Jan Foreman have written a book called Never Say No:  Raising Big-Picture Kids.  I can tell you that this couple KNOWS their stuff.  They are all about having a relationship with our kids - not just getting them to behave.  Their book is full of useful, practical ways to encourage your kids to be creative, imaginative, and cultivate their unique gifts.  It's all about bringing the love and nature of God to the world and that's what they focus on in parenting as well.  Their advice is tested and has been successful with their two boys - both singers in the group Switchfoot.  I encourage you to pick this one up - it's WELL WORTH the read!

*I was sent a review copy by the publisher for a blog review.

Plumb CD - Exhale

The new Plumb CD - Exhale - is one that I unabashedly recommend and KNOW it will be enjoyed.  I did not find ONE SONG on the entire album that I did not love.  These songs just sing of hope and thankfulness - you can tell that her life now is one of surrender after her complete brokenness and healing experienced when she wrote a previous song, "Need You Now".  Her sound is strong and full of vibrancy as she pours out her heart through song.  I am thoroughly enjoying this CD as I know you will as well!

I was sent a copy of the CD for review purposes by Propeller/FlyBy Promotions.

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