Monday, April 29, 2019

Dear Daughters

Dear Daughters by Susie Davis is a title I am tucking away to gift to my daughter.  It is a mom's look at life - what really matters in life - by writing letters to her daughters.  What hit me is that this doesn't have to be for your physical daughters - it could be for "daughters" you have mentored in your life.  It's just Godly wisdom that anyone could read and benefit from.  The topics range from Life's Purpose to Loving your Body to Living Wholeheartedly.  They are just wonderful tidbits of wisdom all tied up nicely in an adorable gift book.

Here is what the publisher says:

About the book:

Do you sometimes wonder what you’re supposed to be doing with your life? Do you wish you could find someone a little older who is walking just a few steps ahead who would give you some wisdom and remind you that God is still in control and that everything is going to be okay? Would you like a mentor in your life?
Susie Davis understands the importance of having and being a mentor. In Dear Daughters: Love Letters to the Next Generation, she will help you:
  • Understand God’s will for your life
  • Listen to God’s voice through your daily circumstances
  • Find contentment and peace right where you are
  • Foster friendship and deep connection with other women
No matter your season of life, Susie invites you to join her in pondering things that matter most. And she gently reassures you that you are not alone and that God is still in control.
“Susie Davis invites us into her own story with grace and hospitality, tenderness and courage. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by fear, you’ll be so thankful for the way Susie takes you by the hand and leads you to a better way of living.”
─Shauna Niequist, author of Bread and Wine

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