Thursday, January 31, 2008


William Nicholson's Seeker, is my husband's latest read. So, since it is not really my "type" of read AND he LOVED it - I asked him to type up a review for me -

It isn't easy for me to find a book that I really like and that makes me think about it even when I am not reading. For me, I like books that make me see things from a different angle and make me think. Seeker was a book that did that for me. Seeker is one of three main Characters, Morning Star and Wildman being
the other two.
The first book centers around a common quest to become
Nomana,a religious warrior, with a charge to maintain the peace and protect their god. There are several things that caught my attention. The choice of names is very important in the plot development because a person's name has a major influence on the person's life. There are religious themes throughout the book and these themes made me contemplate my own beliefs.
There is a classic struggle between good and evil. If you are one who enjoys books such as Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter I would suggest this
book. I cannot say that the book presents a fully Christian world view but
it does wrestle with many of the same issues.
This is the first in a trilogy - my husband can't wait to get the next one!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I just finished Sold by Patricia McCormick. It was a National Book Award Finalist - and for good reason!! It was one of those books where, when you finish, you just have to sit and mull it around for a bit - I wasn't ready to pick up a new one - just had to sit and contemplate it a bit. It isn't a book you read for pleasure, really, but it is so enlightening - a tough topic - the sex trade in India and Nepal - but wow, what those girls go through - all in the name, THEY THINK, of helping their families - it is just so sad. Thank you Patricia, for bringing this out in such a sensitive, beautiful way.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Marley's Treasure

I was sent a book to review - I just have to share!! Marley's Treasure is a book aimed at children ages 4-7 and is WONDERFUL!! The author, Gable Yerrid, is a young man that has written a powerful book for children. Marley is a "happy little monkey living in a tropical paradise whose life is turned upside down when he discovers a wondrous treasure. When Marley gives into his first instinct and hides the treasure from everyone he knows, he discovers his happiness slipping away. Eventually, Marley's friends help him realize one of the keys to being happy is sharing with one's friends, and all ends well as he decides to share the treasure and his feelings with his friends."

Born out of a tragedy that Yerrid faced earlier in life, this story will make a profound impact on children- I just loved it. I must add that the illustrations are beautiful and endearing, they add so much to the book - Jennifer Fitzgerald is wonderful!

And go check out the interactive site!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Whistling Season

I finished The Whistling Season by Ivan Doig for our "Let's Talk About It" at our library. I will say it wasn't one of my favorites, but I knew I had to finish it - so I kept plugging on. It wasn't horrible, but, as I was telling the ladies at our local retirement home, I just kept wanting more relational activity between the characters. The premise is wonderful - father left with three boys, spots an ad in the paper, "Can't cook but doesn't bite..." And so Rose and her brother, Morrie, head out to Montana so that Rose can be the new family's housekeeper. As it would happen, Morrie, becomes the new schoolmaster as well. I loved some of the scenes in the book with Morrie - he really was a powerful character. But otherwise the book left me wanting more - a LOT more between the characters! And the ending - well, I can't give anything away, but it wasn't what I had hoped for - let's just say that!

South Dakota had this book as their "One Book" choice - and if you want to use it as a book discussion, there is a very helpful guide HERE.

Princess Baby

We have found a fun new book at our house - Princess Baby by Karen Katz!! We think that Mrs. Katz wrote this after overhearing a conversation at our house. Just last week Chloe, our 3 year old, told us that her name isn't Chloe anymore, it's Princess Chloe! So - here you go - a book just for Chloe. This adorable little girl can not believe her parents call her names like "buttercup" and "lollipop" and she tells them - her name is Princess Baby! Complete with glittery crown, glittery shoes, and a royal wand. We just love it!!! My only worry?? How to sneak it back to the library!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bringing in the New Year

I JUST received my long-awaited copy of Grace Lin's new book, Bringing in the New Year. AND yes, it is all I hoped it would be. What a fun way to introduce kids to the holiday of Chinese New Year - she explains it in a simple format and, as usual, her illustrations are gorgeous. I know I am biased - I am a huge fan of Lin's, but this book just doesn't disappoint - it is wonderful - it will be a great addition to any collection.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sylvan Dell Publishing

I always get excited when I see books from Sylvan Dell, and this package was no exception! I received Kersplatypus by Susan K. Mitchell and 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day by Catherine Ipcizade.

I LOVED Kersplatypus - it was much the same idea as Little Skink's Tail - which I also loved - these books are great ways to learn about nature and still enjoy a fun story. This story has a wonderful "Aussie" flair though with all of the animals being from the land down under! Probably what I love most about Sylvan Dell books is that in each book, there are 3-5 pages in the back that give additional activities for even more science learning. And if that isn't enough, there are 20-80 page lessons plans available as well. AND I'm still not done - you can go on the internet for web site links that correlate with the story/theme. I am telling you - they treat you right!

The second book, 'Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, was also fun - a take-off on the ever-popular, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. This was a riot to read and kids will love to see all the animals! And again, all of the same teaching tools are available on Sylvan's website and in their books - teachers will LOVE these tools!

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