Friday, October 07, 2011

The Year of Fog

Michelle Richmond's The Year of Fog - somehow came across my radar. I can't even remember who or what suggested I read it - but I had it on my list and finally got to reading it. This is quite a compelling read - the story starts as Abby, soon to be wife to Jake and mom to Emma, takes Emma on a trip to the beach. As they are there, Abby looks away to photograph a baby seal, and Emma disappears. The rest of the book is Abby's search for Emma - even when Abby's own father gives up the search. It is difficult to read as you trudge through the days with Abby - days with seemingly no hope of finding this little girl that has suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. Although I felt at spots that it got long and sluggish, I am glad I finished - I think that is just what Richmond was trying to accomplish - to have us feel what Abby may have been feeling - day after day - looking for a child in a huge world and how her own world was barely moving as time passed. It was a good read - you could really feel for the characters as they developed throughout the story. Definitely a worth-while read!

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