Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sylvan Dell Goodies

I have had these for while now and haven't posted on them - IT IS TIME!!
I do love a Sylvan Dell Box - you just know the quality is superb AND they are always wonderful for science and math - which I just can't promote enough! Their website is a treasure-trove for teachers - Teaching activities to accompany each story, Related websites, audio readings in English and Spanish, part of the Accelerated Reader Program - I am telling you - they are WONDERFUL!

One Wolf Howls by Scotti Cohn and illustrated by Susan Detwiler - brilliant - a great way to use the months of the year and numbers, 1-12, to teach children about wolves and their behavior. I think kids will LOVE this one!

Henry and the Impatient Heron by Donna Love and illustrated by Christina Wald - How often can you find a book about a heron!?!?! Not very - that's another reason I like this one! A great lesson on the subject of camouflage and the importance of being still - I love it!

Ocean Hide and Seek by Jennifer Evans Kramer, illustrated by Gary Phillips - what a great book - of course it's wonderful for that ocean unit or storytime, but also perfect for your animal lovers too!! There are hidden creatures on every page which even makes it more fun - kids love those at our library!

Paws, Claws, Hands and Feet by Kimberly Hutmacher and illustrated by Sherry Rogers - I think this one would be SO fun for story hour - you get to move along with the animals in the story - tons of fun and different actions to do with them AND then it ends with everyone sleeping after their long day! This will be a good time!!

Where Should Turtle Be? by Susan Ring and illustrated by Laurie Allen Klein - I love books about turtles, and this one is very nice. Everyone is trying to tell turtle where to live, but he just doesn't feel at home in those places. But look out when he finds his place - so nice! The illustrations are magnificent in this one too!

Thank you Sylvan Dell for another wonderful box full of books!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Thank you so much, Becky! This is a wonderful write up for Sylvan Dell. We appreciate all you do :)Keep up the great work!

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