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Robert's Snow - Nancy Wallace

Nancy Wallace is the illustrator I have chosen to focus on for the Robert's Snow fundraiser. She is an illustrator I HIGHLY admire, and I go back to her books over and over for story hours here in our library!

Her Snowflake is titled "Snow".

Snowflake medium: cut paper and acrylic paint

I asked Nancy for some insight on why she decided to be a part of Robert's Snow: "When I first heard about Robert’s Snow for Cancer’s Cure, three snowflakes ago, I immediately wanted to be a part of this very special fund raiser. I had worked for many years on pediatrics with hospitalized children, at Yale-New Haven Hospital as a Child Life Specialist and Child Life Coordinator. We used the creative arts – art, music, puppetry, PLAY and expressive media to encourage children to express their thoughts, feelings, fears… and their imagination.

About creating this snowflake, SNOW was the title and subject of my first picture book published in 1995! It is coming out again this fall, 2007, as a board book. One of my favorite questions from a child after having read SNOW to a group of young children at a library program was, “Do you think the snow rabbit is real?”

I have an M.A. in Child Development from the University of Connecticut. I write full time and love sharing with children about being an author and illustrator.

My book Baby Day! is given to infants born at seven Connecticut Hospitals, through READ TO GROW/ BOOKS FOR BABIES, a Connecticut, community inspired, literacy program."

*****Nancy has kindly offered to give away a signed copy of one of her books!!! She is giving away Snow! If you are interested in being included in the giveaway - just leave a comment below AND link to this on your blog (if you have one). I will notify winners within two weeks!!

Some of her other books include:

Children’s Picture Books and Video/CDs
Written and illustrated by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

SNOW Marshall Cavendish Board Book (fall 2007)
“The strength of this gentle book is the way it captures the quiet magic and cozy charm of a cold snowy day with loved ones. The simple origami collages are endearing…”
New York Times Book Review
Artists and Writers Guild Books (fall 1995)
- A National Parenting Publications Honors Award Winner
- Featured selection of the Children’s Book of the Month Club

Shells! Shells! Shells! Marshall Cavendish (spring 2007)
“A stellar introduction to mollusks and the shells they make; an informative, accessible and necessary addition to any seaside library and every school where oceans are studied.”

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! (paperback edition) Marshall Cavendish (spring 2007)
“Highly recommended.” Library Media Connection, *STARRED REVIEW
- A Texas 2x2 Reading List Book
- International Honor Book Winner, Society of School Librarians

Tell a Bunny (paperback edition) Marshall Cavendish (spring 2007)
“The humor of the twisted telephone conversations is sure to please even slightly older readers, and the illustrations might inspire budding artists.” Publishers Weekly
- A Junior Library Guild Selection

The Kindness Quilt Marshall Cavendish (fall 2006)
“Wallace’s familiar illustrations have a charm that always appeals. But here, it’s the idea behind the story that will attract attention. Parents and teachers will find myriad uses for this book, with its gentle message and practical approach to making a better world.” Booklist

Look! Look! Look! Marshall Cavendish (spring 2006)
“This adorable and informative look at a mouse family the “borrows” a postcard depicting a famous painting is a winning choice. … a charming foray into the world of art, complete with a helpful glossary and lessons on how to make a self portrait. This is not only an amusing, creative story, but also an adventure into art that encourages originality while inspiring creativity. Great for libraries and elementary art instructors.” SLJ

Alphabet House Marshall Cavendish (fall 2005)
“Intricately cut-paper collages overflow with details and wit, giving readers numerous opportunities for letter- appropriate objects. The vignettes provide easily identifiable items for new learners as well as more esoteric objects to challenge older readers. The energetic colors of the collages combined with the intriguing and changing scenarios are bound to capture readers’ attention.” Kirkus
- Baker’s Dozen: The Best Children’s Books for Family Literacy from 2005 award
- Best Books for Babies (Beginning with Books - a nationally recognized leader in early literacy)
- Winner - 2006 Connecticut Book Awards – for Best Illustrator

A Taste of Honey paperback edition Marshall Cavendish (spring 2005)
“Readers travel backwards to the bee and learn all about the way honey becomes available to spread on Lily’s bread. Wonderful cut paper illustrations detail every step of this fascinating process. An added bonus is the Bee game and a list of honey facts.” Children’s Literature
- The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval
- Kids’ Pick of the Lists
- Foreword Press Award
- Texas Library Association 2 x 2 reading list (1 of 20 children’s books selected)
- ALA Booklinks Lasting Connection

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! Nutmeg Media Videocassette (winter 2005) CD (coming)
“Through a week’s worth of activities, Buddy, with his mother’s help, learns about parts of a seed, different types of seeds, and seed germination. “… also reinforces sorting, comparing and contrasting, counting, problem solving, and sequencing. Days of the week, colors and deductive reasoning are also touched on. There’s even a little nutritional information…. This well planned, beautifully executed production flows together seamlessly and has multiple classroom applications.” School Library Journal

The Valentine Express Marshall Cavendish (late fall 2004)
“Wallace’s bunnies are so adorable they could be discussing how paint dries and they’d still be fun to look at, and the story brings home the pleasures of Valentine’s Day, a red-letter day on most kids’ calendars. Perhaps most important, the book stresses how sharing the holiday spirit can make everyone happy.” Booklist

APPLES APPLES APPLES Marshall Cavendish paperback edition (fall 2004)
“This book is a wonderfully imaginative read-aloud. Watching a family of bunnies go apple picking, young readers learn how apple trees grow, marvel at how many kinds there are to eat, and get a good idea of how an apple orchard works.” Bookselling This Week
- Bank Street College of Education Best Books of the Year 2000
- Kids’ Pick of the Lists
- NEBA Pick of the Lists

Seeds, Seeds, Seeds Marshall Cavendish (spring 2004)
“Clearly written and brightly illustrated, this will be an appealing addition to classroom units on seeds and germination.” Booklist
- Children’s Book Council - CBC Showcase Nonfiction Picture Book
- Society of School Librarians International Honor Book
- Texas 2 x 2 Reading List
- Library Media Connection *STARRED REVIEW

The Sun, the Moon and the Stars Houghton Mifflin (fall 2003)
(poems written, collected, and illustrated by N.E.W.)
“Each colorful page is beautifully designed, and the well executed cut-paper collages draw readers into the poems, enhancing the mood suggested by the words. All of the selections are appealing, amusing and gentle in tone. A perfect choice for storytime, this collection will also be useful for inspiring creative writing.” School Library Journal

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves Marshall Cavendish (fall 2003)
“Wallace successfully blends fiction and nonfiction, art and informational text. Buddy Bear and his mama go on leaf walks during the different seasons of the year. They observe, collect and examine leaves and trees in various stages of their annual cycles. During these excursions, the little bear asks probing questions and his mother answers using clever analogies and other techniques of a gifted teacher. The cub’s lively curiosity will be contagious to readers and his playful riddles will add to the enjoyment.” School Library Journal
- The Association of Booksellers for Children - Best Books Recommendation
- Society of School Librarians, International Honor Book
- A Best Children’s Book of the Year (Outstanding Merit) – Bank Street College

Recycle Every Day! Marshall Cavendish (spring 2003)
“Wallace’s illustrations are her very recognizable cut paper collages done here with found and recycled paper. The story is a Be Green message.. there are plenty of ideas youngsters can act upon to be kinder to the Earth. An excellent introduction to this increasingly important subject.” Kirkus Reviews
- Featured in Newsweek’s Hot Tips Growing Up Green - Family
- AN NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
- A Best Children’s Book of the Year – Bank Street College

Baby Day! Houghton Mifflin (spring 2003)
El Dia del Bebe - bilingual Baby Day! Houghton Mifflin (fall 2003)
“Simple pictures and text show a baby’s day filled with objects of all colors, textures, and shapes. Cut paper collages are layered to create visually stimulating illustrations that will interest even the smallest child. Endpapers consist of graphic black-and-white designs perfect for young babies, while the lyrical text, combined with the bright images, will entice slightly older children. Stiff pages with rounded corners and a small format make this a perfect choice for tiny hands.” Kirkus Reviews
- CHILD magazine, a best book of 2003

Pumpkin Day! Marshall Cavendish (fall 2002)
“Although there are many other books on this topic, this one stands apart because of its simple, yet dynamic collage artwork and the quality and quantity of information that is tucked into the text in all sorts of interesting ways. The origami and paper collages placed against pure backgrounds are the best Wallace has done to date and that’s saying something.” Booklist *STARRED REVIEW
- Bank Street College of Education Best Books of 2002
- ALA Book Links, Lasting Connection 2003
- A Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Blue Ribbon Titile

Count Down to Clean Up! Houghton Mifflin (fall 2001)
“This is a pleasing developmentally appropriate volume that not only supports the math concepts but will be a welcome addition for neighborhood studies. Delightful.” Kirkus Reviews
- Bank Street College of Education Best Books of the Year 2001 *Starred review

Paperwhite Houghton Mifflin (fall 2000)
“Using her signature cut-paper rabbits, Wallace has created a gentle tale in which two neighbors nurture a narcissus bulb… What follows is a lovely paean to the simple acts shared by friends as they monitor the plant’s progress.” School Library Journal * STARRED REVIEW

Rabbit’s Bedtime Houghton Mifflin (fall 1999)
Hora de dormir del conejo Houghton Mifflin (bi-lingual Rabbit’s Bedtime fall 2000)
“As a young rabbit prepares for sleep, the pleasures of the day are recounted in couplets… While the rhymes and imagery are highly accessible, Wallace has added incidentals that expand the age range for the book and are fun to discover and identify.” Kirkus Reviews
- Children’s Book of the Month Club Selection
- Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
- Selected for ALA’s El dia de los ninos/el dia de los libros 2002
- Included in “Great Books for Babies and Toddlers” 2002


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Thanks, Becky and Nancy! That's one of those snowflakes I wish I could see and touch in person.

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(You don't have to enter me into the contest -- I like to read all the features and comment!)

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Please enter me. Thanks, Becky.

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Speaking of book giveaways, I wanted to let you know that I've got some free books up for grabs as part of my November Pay It Forward Book Exchange. Stop by if you're interested in a chance to win. :)

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