Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little Scholastic

Once again - it feels like Christmas at the library and I just have to share!! I sent an email to Scholastic asking to see some of their new "Little Scholastic" titles. Boy did they EVER come through!! I received a box of Little Scholastics today and they are all I hoped they would be!!

From touchy-feely books to Interactive to Musical - I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I like their premise that "the latest research on the development of children aged 0-3" shows that children need these qualities in books:
  • Interactive components
  • Rhyming, repetitive, or predictable text
  • High contrast images
  • Familiar subjects and surroundings
  • Simple concepts
  • Distinct leveling between the ages 0-3
If you haven't seen them, go HERE and check them out!! And if you haven't ordered them for your children or library - I say they are "Must Haves"!! Oh yes, and you do need to check out their website as well - they have some great information for parents - quick tips, interactive tools AND MORE!!


Becky said...

So glad Scholastic came through for you! Aren't they fantastic???? I just love them!!!

*carrie* said...

Becky, I bet I know a little boy who would enjoy these books! =)

Looking forward to seeing you next week--

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