Sunday, October 22, 2006

Crow Lake

I have finished this for the second time now and still am amazed at what a good book it is! (Even for the second time through.) Mary Lawson is a powerful author that crafts a world in which you are sure you'd like to stay - at least for another novel or two!! At the end of Crow Lake, I feel as though I know Luke, Matt, Bo and Kate and wish we could stay and chat for awhile. It is a heartwarming family story - what if both of your parents had died and left two teenage boys to care for two younger sister - how would that alter your family, who would care for the kids, who would provide financially, how would the futures be different than planned, and what kind of adults would that make of those children?? I think People said it best, "A touching meditation on the power of loyalty and loss, on the ways in which we pay our debts and settle old scores and on what it means to love, to accept, to succeed - and to negotiate fate's obstacle courses." Has to be one of my favorite reads!

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