Thursday, March 05, 2009


Micah Linton sent me a box of books, and I was introduced to the fascinating world of Weebeasts. Linton has created a world where beasts rule and have adventures. There is one hardback book he sent, Plight, that actually has words and tells a story. But the boxed set he sent, Weebeastology Vol. 1, are all wordless graphic novels. I can see kids LOVING these. You can make up your own stories over and over just by looking at the pictures. They are geared for ages 9-12 but I think the possibilities are endless. Oh yes, and I even received an actual Weebeast - beware, there is now a Weebeast in our library!

Check out their cool website. And their blog. Thank you, Micah for the set - I have enjoyed them, see kids totally loving them, and will tell the next young'un through the door about them!

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