Saturday, March 28, 2009

Annick Press Goodies

This box, from Annick Press, had some fun titles I wanted to share.

Nibbling on Einstein's Brain by Diane Swanson is a very fun science title. It asks the question, "Did you know faulty or phony science can creep into your life in a lot of different ways?" Then it goes on to explain how kids can become "science watchdogs" by showing them how to sort the good from the bad. I liked this and I think kids will too - it just LOOKS fun!

Big or Little by Kathy Stinson is a book that will resonate with young children. Kids want to feel big, but sometimes they do things that just plain make them feel little - all kids will relate!

My Friend Mei Jing by Anna McQuinn - I LOVED this one. Want to know why? Because with a daughter adopted from China - I love anything that helps people to see how much the same we all really are - even though we have some fun cultural differences. That is exactly what this book does - geared to younger children. One of my favorites in this box!

The Bears We Know by Brenda Silsbe and illustrated by Vlasta van Kampen is such a fun book. What if you had bears living in the house at the end of your street?? How much would you know about them?? This was a fun romp - LOVED the illustrations!

Animal Aha! by Diane Swanson will be a hit with all of our readers that beg for new animal books! It is written on a little older level, and shares some fun new discoveries in wildlife science. I learned some interesting new facts from this book - I know this one will be a hit!!

Pharaohs and Foot Soliders: One Hundred Ancient Egyptian Jobs you Might Have Desired or Dreaded by Kristin Butcher hardly needs me to say a word! It is WONDERFUL - kids will LOVE it. Great for those ancient Egypt units! My boys LOVED it.

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