Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lerner Newbies!

Lerner Publishing sent me a box that is FULL of good stuff. I have to share some of my favorites:

Jackson and Bud's Bumpy Ride: America's First Cross-Country Automobile Trip by Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff and illustrated by Wes Hargis is great fun! This story takes place in 1903 and is based on Jackson's own account of the first automobile trip across the U.S. It all started when Dr. Horatio Jackson overheard a stranger saying that it was just plain impossible to drive across the U.S. in one of those "unreliable, newfangled automobiles" - thus begins Jackson's mission - to prove that stranger wrong! I loved this - very fun and one I know kids will enjoy!

Singing Crickets by Linda Glaser is another book that will intrigue kids. This is such a great Glaser-way to learn some science while having fun. Tess Feltes has done a beautiful job on the illustrations as well. We don't have many books on crickets for kids - this will be well-read!

Monkey with a Toolbelt and the Noisy Problem by Chris Monroe is a fun book that all Bob the Builder Fans will LOVE! A monkey with a toolbelt can fix ANYTHING - and this book sets out to prove it. The illustrations are wonderful in this book - Monroe has created adorable Chico the monkey that kids will find very fun!

Jazzy Jewelry, Pretty Purses, and More! by Kathy Ross is another in her craft collection of books that is sure to please. There are some fun crafts in her latest book - Chloe already wants us to check it out and "get crafting!"

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Anonymous said...

I've added Singing Crickets to my list! Thanks for always sharing.

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