Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hachette Books/Chronicle Books

When a box comes from Hachette - It is a BIG deal!!! And this box is no exception!!
I received the book, When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat by Muriel Harris Weinstein and illustrated by R. Gregory Christie. I am pumped about this book - we don't have very many books on Jazz/Scat and this one will be a wonderful contribution. It is PERFECT for our Summer Reading Program theme this summer AND a beautiful tribute to Louis Armstrong - read, you'll be doing Scat in no time!

Also in the box were three Rosie Flo coloring books. These are NOT your normal coloring books and let me just tell you - my daughter thinks she NEEDS all of them. They are beautiful - I mean exquisite - coloring books - designed by Roz Streeten. She designed the books based on ideas from her daughters - they used to ask her to draw dresses so they could color them - and that is just what she did. THEN, you can add arms, legs, heads, etc. They are WONDERFUL - you do NEED to see these!

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