Monday, March 23, 2009

Cream of the Crop

So I can't let today go by and not tell you about some "hits" at our house and at our library.

What kind of a day is it when Jeremy Tankard comes out with a new book!?!? A GOOD ONE!!!
And it was just that last week when Boo Hoo Bird came in. You already know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Bird - and this one is no exception. It came on a perfect day for it - as I sat reading it to my 4 year old with my heart hurting - I just cried and cried as I was reading - because I knew how Bird felt and he is right - friends DO help when you are hurting. GO GET THIS ONE!

Laurence Yep's latest is Auntie Tiger and yes, we are buying this one for home too. Chloe and I LOVED this one - a wonderful story of a Chinese "Little Red Riding Hood"!!! Chloe thought the illustrations were wonderful - Insu Lee drew those - and yes, we MUST own this one.

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Anonymous said...

Added to my list. :)

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