Sunday, February 20, 2011

Expedition Ireland

Let's go on a trip - yep, you heard me, and I choose IRELAND!!! That is what we have done this past week - Chloe and I have ventured to Ireland and back and boy, have we learned a TON!!!
We used Amanda Bennett's Expedition Ireland unit - LOVE those units - all of the work is done for you and all you have to do is pull some books together and start learning!! We loved the Geographic Feature of the Day - and we are thinking we are pretty smart now - I mean really, the Giant's Causeway??? Just ask us, we'll fill you right in! I love the videos that we start each day off with as well - you just feel like you are there and it's a fun way to set the stage.
I asked Chloe her favorite parts and BY FAR, studying the horses was what brought a smile to her face - we read some books on horses and added some things to our lapbook on them as well. We both also enjoyed the food activities - we love to try new foods from different countries! It was also fun to see some Irish dancing and listen to the music that is included in the study - we're always "up" for new music - and TRYING to dance to it! :) What a fun unit to lead us into March - and certainly not one I would have had the time to attempt without the unit study to guide me. This is a great one and I'm glad we were able to study some Irish history - I highly recommend it, and who knows, when you start reading - you may discover your own leprechaun as well!! ( I would normally post pictures to show you some of our fun, but I totally forgot to get my camera out this week! You'll just have to take my word for it on this one!)
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**I was provided a copy of the unit study for review purposes.

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