Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wishing Trees

John Shors has written a novel, The Wishing Trees, that will definitely tug at your heart. It is a book that follows the story of a father and his 8 year old daughter on their trek across Asia - at the request of their deceased wife/mother. The story is real - the emotions are poignant and fresh. It is well-told and was a book that kept me going. I liked to watch their healing take place as the novel progressed and you really begin to care for them as characters. All of that said, the ending was just a bit too "neat" for me. It wraps up nicely and neatly - if that is the kind of book you enjoy - that I highly recommend this one. If you aren't as hip on nice and neat - then you may not find this as enjoyable. I love it when I can't see the ending coming in books - when I can't figure it out - this book was not like that at all for me. It was much more predictable. It is an excellent beach-read - and it will leave you contended and there's always a place for that too!

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