Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charlesbridge Publishers

I have some books that I am so excited about and you don't want to miss them!! These are all available from Charlesbridge Publishers.

Animal Colors by Beth Fielding is a board book that is a wonderful addition to the "color" books that are available. I am always looking for board books that teach colors because we are still working on colors at our house and we need variety!! This one is a fun one that teaches colors by showing animals of each color. Great idea and wonderful photographs of the animals!

Animal Eggs by Dawn Cusick and Joanne O'Sullivan is a book that our non-fiction readers will DEVOUR! This book shows all different eggs and then shows you what comes out of those eggs. Real-life photographs and information provided in a friendly way - a great read!

Animal Eyes by Beth Fielding (hmm, staring to see a pattern here?!?!) is another non-fiction book that our animal readers will just LOVE! Eyes really are intriguing and this book definitely shows that! Fielding takes and shows us the different eyes of animals and then gives us fun information for each of them - really a great information book!

I am thrilled with the additions to Stuart J. Murphy's I See I Learn series. Percy Gets Upset and Camille's Team are stories for the preschool age and they are great for teaching emotional and social skills like how to deal with frustration and how to cooperate. Murphy is wonderful and his new series does not disappoint!

While You Are Sleeping by Durga Bernhard is a picture book that I just LOVE. It is a fun lift-the-flap book and shows how the times is different all around the world. What a fun concept for our little ones to grasp and they will love this format! Great for any multi-cultural unit!

Over the Rainbow is spectacular!! This book has a CD included with it that includes the beloved song performed by Judy Collins. The paintings are by Eric Puybaret and are gorgeous! Really the paintings make this wonderful song/story magical! I LOVE this book and will be excitedly sharing it with friends!! Just beautiful!

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