Monday, February 14, 2011

Cybils Awards

It's Valentine's Day AND Cybils Awards Day!!! (For us book bloggers - those two days go hand-in-hand!!) The winners are all announced HERE - but I'd love to fill you in on the category I helped judge!!! I was honored to be on the Fiction Picture Books Finalist Panel and LOVED this experience. We get to read and study some GREAT kid's books and then share why we loved them! Here is the amazing finalist list we got to choose from - yep, nothing easy about that job! I had so many listed in first position I spent days deciding which was my REAL favorite!!

This is a truly delightful tale - and it all takes place around bedtime! As Little Red Chicken interrupts her Papa's bedtime stories to make up her own endings for some of the classic fairy tales, you will be tempted to interrupt and maybe even make up some of your own endings!! This book is all about using your imagination. The illustrations are fun and take you on a journey right to little chicken's bedtime! Interrupting Chicken is a picture book that will have children and parents alike laughing all the way to the last page, making it a perfect bedtime and group reading story.

Congratulations to our winning author! And also thanks to the team of panelists and judges! (Here are some of the amazing bloggers I served with - Katie Davis, Melanie Greenberg, Danielle Smith, Tess Goldwasser, and our fearless leader, Pam Coughlan!!)

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