Friday, February 18, 2011

Sequin Girl's Bible

Oh man, this was a tough post - I could barely get the Bible away from my girls long enough to inspect it and write a post about it!! This Bible is SO girl that all I can say is - if you have a girl - this is it!! It is glittery, it is flowery, it is sparkly - yep, it is beautiful! What a fun Bible for our little girls that love all things - pretty! It is the International Children's Bible version - and perfect for our beginning Bible readers - easy to understand and read for themselves. There are no illustrations - it is definitely an older girl's Bible - and they will LOVE it! My daughter is almost 7 and SO excited to carry this to church. Oh yes, and the added bonus is that if you are giving it as a gift - the box it comes in as just as beautiful as the Bible itself!!

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