Saturday, March 05, 2011

George W. and We Aren't Telling a Lie!!

We just finished our George Washington Unit Study this week! What fun we had again with this study - I am telling you what - I think we've found something Chloe LOVES in unit studies/lapbooking. She tells me daily how much fun school is now and I LOVE that!!

We covered so much territory in just a week - from George Washington's beginnings to many of his jobs all the way up to his presidency. We even learned what his favorite food was and oh yes, Chloe's favorite - if he really did chop down that cherry tree!!!
Here is some of what is included in the study:
Day One: Who Was George Washington?
Day Two: People and Places in George Washington's Life
Day Three: The Accomplishments of George Washington
Day Four: Lessons to Learn From George Washington
Day Five: Remembering George Washington

I think we read almost every book that was included in the study and then even dug up a few of our own - including YWAM's Heroes of History for Young Readers - George Washington picture book AND Nest Entertainment's George Washington DVD. Great stuff out there to make a packed-full unit!

Click here to visit Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett.

*I was provided a copy of this unit study for review purposes.

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