Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Slippery Willie's Stupid Ugly Shoes

Larry Peterson has written, Slippery Willie's Stupid Ugly Shoes, and it is one I am raving over right now! Willie Wiggles is a little boy that has slippery feet. No one knows why, but he just can't seem to sit still or stay up on his slippery feet. But even more than his slippery feet, he hates the new shoes that are made for him to quit slipping. He is sure everyone and everything is laughing at his shoes and he feels horrible about it - UNTIL, he chats with his mom a bit. :) I love this - it encourages us to think about what we are worrying about - maybe there's nothing to worry about in the first place! BUT, it also does a fantastic job of showing that kids are different - we are not all made the same - and that is what I loved even more. As a mom of a daughter with special needs (that often aren't explainable by doctors) we just know that we truly are all made differently but there is nothing wrong with that! I will shout this one from the rafters - I loved it and it has a special spot in my heart!! Thank you, Larry, for caring for the "special" ones!!

I leave you with the Dedication to the book:
Dedicated to all kids
who think they are “different.”
It does not matter…
How tall or short you are,
How big your nose is,
How fast you can run,
How high you can jump,
If you can see or not,
Hear or not,
Or even be wheelchair bound.
You are all God’s special individual creations
and God “don’t make no junk.”

Larry Peterson Bio:
Larry Peterson was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. As a freelancer, he has written many newspaper columns for local publications. Slippery Willie's Stupid, Ugly Shoes is his first children’s book. Peterson has lived in Pinellas Park, Florida for the past 28 years.

See the Slippery Willie Blog!!

**I was provided a PDF Copy for review purposes.


Tribute Books said...

Aww, thanks Becky for the great review. I'm so glad that you heartily enjoyed the book and for sharing it with the readers of In the Pages as well as your little girl.

Thanks for hosting a stop on the book's blog tour and for all those who'd like to follow along, please hop on over to: http://slipperywillie.blogspot.com/search/label/virtual%20book%20tour

Larry Peterson said...

Hi Becky--I just saw your review and I must admit, I am quite humbled by your kind words and love of the story. I just want you to know you have made my day. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time and the effort to do the review and to post it. Thank you again and God bless---Larry Peterson

Tribute Books Mama said...

Thanks! for this wonderful review,as you said all kids are different and special in their own way.

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