Friday, March 18, 2011

$5 Friday

Don't miss these SUPER unit studies/lapbooks available on sale for today only!

Gardens $5.00 (four weeks, K - 12)--Encompassing the history of gardens, plant science, planning and planting a garden, and the arts and gardens, the study is perfect for any time of year--autumn gardens, winter daydreams, spring planting, and summer harvesting. Perfect for some hands-on learning after a long winter indoors, this study covers the realm--from pole bean tepees to sunflower houses, what memories they will build!
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Oceans (four weeks, K - 12)--While the ocean can appear beautiful and peaceful at first glance, it is teeming with life and has a colorful history that we cannot overlook. From the site of a breaching whale, to the playful rolling of dolphin in the waves, along with the sounds of the creaking and groaning of a wooden ship under full sail on its way to Treasure Island, you and your family will enjoy studying the vast oceans of the world.
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Spring Surprises (one week, K - 4)--How many ways can you combine your child's enthus
iasm for learning and exciting activities with all the delights of springtime? Begin counting with this adventure! Spring is emerging diffe
rently for all of us in our own particular places in the world. There's so much to see and discover! Your child will be fascinated by the delights and discovery of change with signs of new growth all about him.
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Tremendous Trees (one week, K - 4)--Take in the exciting panorama of Tremendous Trees, from the smallest species to the giant redwood, investigating both common and uncommon trees. Many children dream of having their own treehouse hideaway, and they'll love perusing that fun area of this study. There's even an opportunity to design their own dream treehouse!
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