Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Muslim Women Reformers

I was sent a book that, at first glance, was daunting. It is a 500 page book written by Ida Lichter that is called Muslim Women Reformers: Inspiring Voices Against Oppression. And I am SO glad that I took the time to dive in. This is quite a powerful read - it is the voices of many Muslim Women and their stories - the stories take place in powerful Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and many others. There are even some stories of Muslim women in America and it finishes with some stories from Male Muslim Activists as well. The stories are raw - they are often hard to read - the atrocities these women suffer through are hard to fathom, but they are real stories and these women are trying desperately to make a difference. This book is rewarding and it is eye-opening. Take the time to read through even a few of these stories - you will be glad you did.

*I was provided a copy for review by Online Publicist.

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