Friday, March 23, 2007


Rules by Cynthia Lord is a Newbery Honor book - and yes, I agree it is worth an award!! A great story about a teenage girl growing up with an autistic brother - you do learn a lot about autistic personalities - hence the "Rules" Catherine creates for her brother just to keep life flowing smoothly. My favorite rule? "No toys in the fish tank." You also see her struggle with a friendship she is developing with a boy she meets when her brother goes to therapy. I appreciated the honesty of Lord ~ she is frank and, I feel, handles the conflicting struggles that a teen faces with great openness and humor. I found a great blog review on the book too - it demands to be read! This blogger's rule?? "When you start this book, read slowly. It will come to an end long before you are ready to say goodbye." SO TRUE!

Lord has a great website too - go and check out how she reacted to the Newbery Honor!

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love.boxes said...

I find this one very interesting. What ages do you think?

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