Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hob Nobbing

Another thing I LOVE about my job - the chance to meet up with authors and chat!!! Yep, that was my night tonight - we had Kate Iola at our library to share her book and a question and answer session. She was wonderful!!! How can you not help but love a gal that was an avid book reader as a child - that's my kind of kid!! Here's a little about her - Her favorite author? John Sanford. Her degree? Molecular Pathology. Her home? An acreage in rural Iowa!! (See, I told you she was great!!)

Her book, Deadstock, is so relevant out here in the Heartland - what if only one cow contracted Foot and Mouth disease?? What would that do to the rest of the cattle, to our economy, to the nation as a whole??? It would be catastrophic - I didn't know much about this disease before I read the book, but it is frightening and would be a disaster to our state and nation. So you want to know what the results would be?? Hurry and read it before the sequel comes out next August!!

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