Monday, March 26, 2007

Chickens to the Rescue

John Himmelman's Chickens to the Rescue is WONDERFUL!!! I can see using this, as a librarian, for story hours on chickens and farm animals and as a parent - the read aloud value is hard to beat!! The jist?? Each day of the week the chickens spot a problem and rush to fix it for the farm family. BUT - what happens on Sunday when the chickens are resting??? Too cute - you must read it to find out!! (Great for younger ages - there is not a lot of reading.)


Eileen said...

Thanks for posting all these cute children's books, Becky! I want to pick your brain one of these days about some books to buy my girls. I want to get each of them a new book for Easter - doesn't have to be Easter themed or anything.

I finished Penny from Heaven yesterday. I wouldn't say I "loved, loved, loved" it but I liked it A LOT! It really was excellent. You know I got the recommendation from your blog, right? :-) Thanks!

Beckyb said...

Eileen - so glad you at least LIKED it A LOT!! I thought it was a sweet story - made me laugh and cry and I like that kind! I will think on the books - In my sidebar Pinkalicious is cute and right now at out library the Fancy Nancy Books are very popular. Chloe also likes Gigi - and those are Christian Books for girls about a girl who pretends she is a princess. I'll think some more though...

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