Saturday, January 22, 2011

Magnificent Moon Unit Study

I have a first grader that LOVES school - I mean, REALLY LOVES school - so when I found these units, I was thrilled (and so was she!!). We are enjoying these!! I still do my regular math, reading, phonics, writing, etc. but we just add in a few books, etc. everyday to complete these units as well. So far, we've gone through two units and she is begging for more!!

But I'm here to share our fun with Magnificent Moon today! This was a good unit for us, we haven't done much with outer space, so Chloe really enjoyed this unit. These units are very well thought-out. We love how there is such a variety - videos, read alouds, informational reading books, and, our favorite part - LAPBOOK stuff
galore!! This is something new to us - we haven't tried lapbooking, but we are LOVING it!! You certainly don't have to turn the unit into a lapbook, but if you wanted to, then they make it very easy for you to do that.

This unit was broken up into 5 days - and it is very clear what to cover each day.
Day One: What Exactly is a Moon?
Day Two: Getting to Know the Moon
Day Three: The Story of the Moon
Day Four: Science Secrets of the Moon
Day Five: Cool Things About the Moon

We learned so many new things - Chloe is STILL talking about visiting the moon!! We even supplemented some of our own book finds - so if you do this unit - make sure to add The Moon by Felicia Law - what a fun read!! This unit study has daily studies on astronauts which was also
fun - again, you could go MUCH MORE in depth than we did in first grade, but that is what I love about these units - you can tailor them to the ages you are teaching - and add to them, or decide what not to do based on your children.

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IF you'd like to read more of what others have to say about this unit study, go HERE.

**I was provided a copy of this unit study for review purposes.

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