Friday, January 28, 2011

City of Tranquil Light

Bo Caldwell's City of Tranquil Light was a read that totally had me intrigued. I am not sure if it was the whole China connection that captured me or what exactly, because I loved so many aspects of it that it is hard to put into words - but I am highly recommending this to friends right now. It encouraged me spiritually, it gave wonderful history on China, and it made me think about our place in this world as missionaries. Like I said, it is just tying into so many areas of my life right now - I thought it was a fabulous read.

It is the story of two single adults that travel to China to be missionaries. (Based on the author's great-grandparents' story, by the way.) They eventually begin to date and get married and it is the story of their lives in China - telling others about Christ. They had numerous struggles - the book is real - you feel like you go through it with them and learn to love the land and the people just like they did. It was the ending of this book that REALLY got to me though - what happens when missionaries come back to the U.S.?? How do they assimilate and start over when their hearts are still in China?? Truly a great read.

This book is not published as Christian fiction, or any label like that - it is a secular publisher but it challenged me spiritually - it really makes you think - what lengths would you go to to spread the gospel?? I highly recommend this one!

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