Saturday, January 15, 2011

After the App!

I mentioned previously that I was trying out an ipad app - Big Fork, Little Fork. Well, I have had it on my iPad for some time now and I have to say - it's motivating me to try my hand more in the kitchen. I broke out today and made the Surprise Cupcake recipe - absolutely amazing!! And what I loved about it the most?? I watched the video FIRST, I knew I couldn't go wrong! It was clear and easy to follow and the layout is wonderful. While I was cooking - I could easily flip from the ingredients screen to the directions screen. My girls helped me (it was in the kid-friendly section) and they loved helping - it was really right on their level.

It really is a great app - you can build a shopping list, watch videos of people making the recipes, download more recipes as they come available - really there is so much to take in - I am sure I haven't touched the tip of the iceberg! Don't miss this app - it really is a good one! Thank yo
u Kraft and Marc Samuelsson!!

**I was provided a copy for review purposes.

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