Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ever heard of Qlubb??  I hadn't either until recently - but I am impressed.  This is a wonderful social organizer website started by a mom that KNOWS a busy schedule.  You have got to go check it out.  You can start groups for church, book clubs, sports groups, literally anything that needs to be organized all in one spot.  Qlubb has the ability to create a main calendar, reminders, send information, keep track of organizational things - all in one central location - I LOVE IT - but then, you know I'm an organization fiend!!  You don't need to know HTML to use this online program - you just fill in your info and go - it is really a great tool.
Qlubb has the following features:
• Super easy registration and Qlubb creation
• Every Qlubb has its own URL
• New members can get on, as long as they have the Qlubb password – no individual user registration
• Group calendaring
• Online sign-up sheets – great for organizing events, delegating tasks
• Online event RSVP, integrated into the calendar

• Automatic email reminders (i.e. notifying members of upcoming events, assigned tasks, to rsvp)

• Photo/file sharing

• Roster management

• Automatic generation of a public website

And more... it really is good - I can see so many uses for this.

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