Monday, November 24, 2008

Art Games

Birdcage Press has some incredible games for our Summer Reading Theme next summer. Go check them out!!

Impressionist Go Fish for Art - yep, it plays like you'd think - Go Fish with Impressionist Art as your theme. VERY fun for a wide range of ages.

Art Ditto is for ages 4 and up - another fun memory/matching game. The cards are just beautiful and they are printed in 4 languages - another good one!

The Renaissance Art Game - This one includes a full-color art book and a deck of 30 playing cards. You can play two classic games - Go Fish or Concentration. Again - the art on the cards is amazing.

Gallery Ghost - This is a book - you have to solve the mystery using the magnifying glass and clues inside - all based around the famous masters. This is a fun one - a ghost story, a spot-the-difference game, and an art book - all in one!

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Carrie K. said...

My kids and I love Art Shark by Birdcage Press - it's a ton of fun - and you get to look at beautiful art.

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