Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Off the Menu

I was contacted a bit ago and asked to be on a blog tour for Christine Son's book, Off the Menu.  I love to read new authors so I was thrilled to be a part.  This new book is about three high-achieving women - their lives - and how they deal with the expectations put on them by their families, friends, society, etc.  Each of these women has a career path, and is very successful, but that isn't really the dream of each of their hearts - so through this novel, you get to see how they go about fulfilling those dreams - each in her own different way.  The book does include discussion questions so that makes it nice for book groups. 

This is Christine's first book so you may not be familiar with her.  I'll share with you a bit about her:
Christine Son graduated from the University of Texas and Duke University School of Law. She works as Corporate Counsel for a Fortune 500 company and she lives with her husband. For more fun facts about Christine, and answers to questions such as “What are you?” and “What do you do in your free time?”, click HERE.
I love it, because, on her website, she says the book could even be a bit about her - working for a big law firm and then still following her dream of being an author.  I liked the book - I thought it was compelling enough to keep me turning pages!  I thought some of the language was a bit "rough" - so for those that read my blog and are used to my style of recommended read - I just want to throw that out there.  But it was a fulfilling read - one that is a great start for a new author!

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I love books about strong women!

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