Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Jesus Storybook Bible

This is a new find for us and we are just LOVING it!!!  Sally Lloyd-Jones' The Jesus Storybook Bible is perfect for sharing with your kids - and the illustrations are wonderful as well.  How often do you read a Bible story and end up thinking something like, "Wow, that David - he was quite  a hero."  When it's really God's story behind there?!?!  I love the subtitle to this book - Every Story Whispers His Name - and that's SO true!  We have  been working on showing our kids where God is working, and that's why we LOVE this Bible Storybook.  It is very God-centered - which is right where we want to be!  I highly recommend this one!


Jago said...

Hello there, I'm Jago, illustrator of the Jesus Storybook Bible. Found your post via a Google Alert and just wanted to say I'm glad you enjoyed the illustrations.... all the best


Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

Hi Becky

I'm the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible and I came across your blog via a google alert thing and thought I'd stop by and say Hi.

Thanks for your review--I'm so glad you're enjoying the book. It's God's Wonderful Story--and i'm so honored to have a part in retelling it for children.

Anyway, my best to you


PS you may be interested to know about some cool resources on my site connected with the book, including audio of me reading the stories, downloadable stories, interviews and reviews--as well as other new children's books

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this recommendation, Becky. It has REVOLUTIONIZED my family's discussion of God.


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