Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Made In China

I do wonder about the day when Chloe starts asking about why she looks different, where she came from, etc.  We are very open with her and tell her we got her in China, but she still, I don't think, comprehends what that all means.  But this book, Made in China by Vanita Oelschlager and illustrated by Kristin Blackwood,  is now on my shelf - just ready for those questions - it is WONDERFUL!!!  And it will be useful when, and if, someone makes fun of her because she  is just like everything else that is "made in China."  It is handled beautifully and the love and "special-ness" of being chosen through adoption shines through.  The illustrations are an added bonus to this one - they are gorgeous and capture the asian flair.  Here are a few of my favorite lines:  "Please, my dear one, don't ever be sad.  You were 'Made in China' so I'd be your dad.  And if ever you feel you are not loved here, you just come to me, and I'll make it clear - We love you now, we loved you before.  In all the wide world we couldn't love you more."  BEAUTIFUL!!!


Anonymous said...

My sister, who is 40 now, was adopted. She knew the words long before what they really meant. She used to announce to total strangers that was adopted. She is such a part of our family I forget how we got her!

Children are such a blessing, no matter how they come into our families.

Carrie K. said...

Psst! I nominated you for a blog award. :)

Carey said...

Looks WONDERFUL! I'll have to get it sometime in the near future. And definately will go through your blog to get it. :) Love the blog look, too. Haven't been here in a while.

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