Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Enemy's Cradle

All I can say is WOW!!!  My Enemy's Cradle by Sara Youngenemy is Amazing!!!  From the first page I was hooked and, I am not kidding, I had about 50 pages left and I just wanted to stop so that I wouldn't finish as quickly.  I love to read books that take place during World War Two, but this one was something I had never heard about - the Nazi Lebensborn Program - where girls that have gotten pregnant by German military soldiers - can go and be taken care of while they are pregnant and then have their babies adopted out to be raised to be "good Nazis" - so sad and yet so informative.  Cyrla's story is told so wonderfully that I just turned page after page totally wrapped up in this young girl's life.  Absolutely wonderful!!!  You may recognize this as Sara Pennypacker - the wonderful author of those adorable Clementine books!!  What a talented author!

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Sherry said...

I just read this one about a month ago and reviewed it here. I was amazed that Ms. Young could such completely different kinds of books: an adult suspense/romance and the Clementine books for elementary age children.

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