Monday, January 02, 2012

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

There are books that get a lot of hype and then I just have to read them just to see if the hype is really worth it. So I read Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.  As I'm sitting here deciding what to say - I am still torn on this one.  First of all - it took me FOREVER to get into - it seemed so disjointed to begin with that I had a hard time staying with it - in fact, I contemplated quitting a few times.  Then, I got going and figured I at least should finish - so it was about at this point that I decided I might actually be intrigued by the storyline and then it was almost over.  I guess I would say it just never really grabbed me.  It is a story based around vintage photos the author came across - but even that was hard for me - sometimes it felt like the author had to make up characters and events just to fit his photos - and it felt a bit stilted to me.

There are intriguing parts for sure though - time travel, the idea of the loops that take you back in time - that was fascinating in the book.  Even the children and their peculiarities were interesting but certainly never believable - the story just never "caught hold" for me.  I know there are some that just love it - but it never really made me want to keep reading enough to shut all else out (and that's the sign of a good read in my book!!).  The characters and relationships aren't as strong as I would have liked either - although you come to like some of the characters, you never really get to "know" them.

There are many interesting reviews on Goodreads - certainly check them out as well.
And the book trailer does do a good job of giving you a feel for the book - it is peculiar - that word fits it well - strange, peculiar, odd.

If you did read it and LOVE it - I'd love to hear your thoughts though - I'm hoping I didn't miss something while I was reading!!

Oh, and one more tidbit - I would NOT recommend this for Young Adult, as it was intended - the language can be quite foul and the innuendos are not something I would want my teens reading....only wanted to warn those that might suggest it to their teens - just know that that content is frequent throughout the book.


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