Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Bungalow

After my second Sarah Jio book, I am convinced she's onto something!  I have enjoyed both of her novels - they are short, easy to read, and yet both seemed to pull me right in and left me sad to see them end.  They may not be long reads, but her character development is strong - and you really feel for the characters.  The Bungalow, her second novel, is a touching storyline set on the Pacific Islands during World War Two.  Anne Calloway, an Army Nurse, is sent to Bora Bora on her first assignment as a nurse.  The story is gripping as she and her best friend, Kitty, find a whole new world on the island - one with war, violence, and new love.  I think what I love most about Jio's books is that they are not predictable - AND I am a sucker for books that do not end "happily".  I know, it sounds horrible to say that, but I enjoy a book that isn't always rosy.  I cried through two chapters as I finished this one up - and it takes a lot for me to cry- but I was so disappointed at how it all was coming to a close - I wanted happy and yet resonated more with the heartfelt words of "real life" - it isn't always happy and perfect.  It's a fast read - but a great story!

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