Friday, August 26, 2011

Route 66

The Bible is just a BIG BOOK - that is a true statement. And sometimes to learn to grasp what is all in there for us, we need to take it in chunks. And that is exactly what this book, Route 66 by Krish Kandiah, has done. Kandiah has taken the Bible and broken it up so that you could feasibly take 8 weeks and get a group together and conquer the outline of the Bible. No, you wouldn't be reading the entire Bible in 8 weeks, but you are getting an overall feel for how it all fits together and what each book would have as its premise - how it all fits together. The book is extremely "read-able" - I would recommend it to the questioning, new Believer or to the person who has been a Believer for years - all will find new insights and ideas.

To learn more, visit the Route 66 website - it is FULL of many other helps.

About the Author:
Krish Kandiah is the Executive Director: Churches in Mission for the UK Evangelical Alliance. He is also an external examiner for Oak Hill College, an Associate Research Fellow at London School of Theology, and is part of the theme development group for Spring Harvest.Dr. Kandiah previously held the position of Director of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, in addition to being Tutor for the Mission and Evangelism at Wycliffe Hall. He was also an Oxford University Theology faculty member.
Before becoming the pastor of a multi-cultural church in Harrow, Kandiah worked with students in the UK with Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, and in Albania with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He has wide experience in evangelism and cross cultural mission, and he is in demand around the world as a speaker and lecturer—though he is still a regular speaker at university missions and at Spring Harvest.
Dr. Kandiah and his wife, Miriam, have four elementary aged children and regularly take in foster babies. Kandiah has a keen interest in movies, photography, rock music, and Liverpool FC.

Here is what others have said about Route 66:

"One cannot travel a new way without a map. The map tells us the road to take. Route 66 is a wonderful map into experiencing the God of Scripture." Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

"With easy humour and constant insight, Krish Kandiah tells us what we need to do to get excited about the Bible again, and to allow it to change us."
Stephen R. Holmes, University of St Andrews

"Route 66 doesn't make the Bible come alive. It shows that the Bible is alive--with the voice of God. In an age when even believers are bewildered by the Bible, Krish Kandiah shows us how all the parts of this most extraordinary book fit together and how each part makes its own contribution. He does this without either dumbing it down or ignoring some of the hard questions."
Michael Jensen, Moore College, Australia

*I was sent a copy by the publisher for review purposes.

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krish said...

Thanks for your review of Route 66. I am glad you liked it. We also have 5 kids and I am hoping I am hoping I am a patient husband. I hope the book is a blessing to you and those that read your blog. Every blessing Krish

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