Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heaven is for Real

I thought I would probably not read this book, Heaven is for Real, as it had too much hype and I just figured I'd stay away from it. But when a friend loaned it to me, I read the first chapter and kept right on going. It was really a fast read, but WOW, what a story. Little Colton Burpo faces an emergency appendectomy and goes to see Jesus while he is in surgery. It is quite the story - one that a child just COULD NOT make up - and it leaves you smiling. What stuck with me the most is little Colton telling people over and over, "Jesus LOVES the little children - they are important to Him." Brought tears to my eyes - as we serve in Children's Ministry and I echo that mantra. This is a great little read - one that might just make you think on Heaven a bit more while on Earth.

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