Sunday, August 07, 2011

Love You More

Books that have anything to do with adoption call my name. I just love to read what others have to say about adoption and how it has worked for their family. So Jennifer Grant's book, Love You More, totally grabbed me. And it did not disappoint - Grant is honest and intuitive. She shares from her heart and does not sugar-coat either the process of adoption or life after adoption. I was smiling along at things that had been said to us as well or things we had experienced in our adoptions, but there were also points where I was empathizing with how Grant felt or reading how her Guatemalan adoption differed from our experiences. I learned a lot, I was reminded of much, and now am going to re-read it! I guarantee you will come away with something to chew on -

There is one quote in the book that I have shared with others already and it is making quite an impact:

"I read once that the best predictor of happiness in families who have adopted children is the parents' certainty that their children are meant to be theirs. Such parents are not just trying to be nice. They are not trying to work off a debt of guilt to the world's poor because they drive a Lexus or own a lake house. They are not trying to be faithful to their religion. Sure, one or more more of those things may also motivate or encourage them at various points in the process, but guilt and pity are not the primary reasons they want to adopt. No, these parents know, in some deep, spiritual, and authentic sense, that this is the way their family was meant to be created."

*I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes.

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keri said...

I would also highly recommend this beautifully written book, if only to understand adoption better and to be reminded of God's particular concern for orphans. It's a great book for anyone considering adding a child to their family, whether via adoption or birth.

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