Monday, August 15, 2011

Mugabe and the White African

There are some books that you would rather not read - they are too raw, too true, and too difficult to read. This is one of them - but it is also one, that when you are done, you are spurred on to try to do all you can to fight for justice and truth! Ben Freeth tells his story of fighting for justice in Mugabe and the White African. It is the true story of Freeth's struggle to keep his farm in Zimbabwe, even though a corrupt leader, Mugabe, wants to reclaim all land that belongs to white people. This story was also the subject of a documentary that has the same name. The documentary was short listed for an Oscar in 2010. This is a story that we all need to be aware of - it happened, may even still be happening, and we can not hide our heads in the sand and pretend it isn't happening.

Here is what has also been said about the book - and some more pertinent information as well:

Ben Freeth has an extraordinary story to tell. Like that of many white farmers, his family's land was "reclaimed" for redistribution by Mugabe's government.

But Ben's family fought back. Appealing to international law, they instigated a suit against Mugabe's government in the SADC, the Southern African equivalent of NATO. The case was deferred time and again while Mugabe's men pulled strings. But after Freeth and his parents-in-law were abducted and beaten within inches of death in 2008, the SADC deemed any further delay to be an obstruction of justice. The case was heard, and was successful on all counts.

But the story doesn't end there. In 2009 the family farm was burned to the ground. The fight for justice in Zimbabwe is far from over--this book is for anyone who wants to see into the heart of one of today's hardest places and how human dignity flourishes even in the most adverse circumstances.

Read the press release for more:

The PBS debut of Mugabe and the White African, the award-winning documentary of the same name, was on July 26. Watch now at PBS:

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*I was sent a copy of the book for review purposes by the publisher.

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