Wednesday, July 28, 2010

DK Box of Goodies

When I get a box of titles to review from DK - I am just over-the-top-excited!! (Yes, all copies were provided as review copies from DK.) So imagine all these goodies in one box!! These are great titles and I want to make sure you do not miss them!!

Nature Explorer - this is PACKED with wonderful ideas for nature: rocks, birds, insects, weather - you name it!! There are experiments and activities in here that will provide HOURS of fun and learning. (Ages 8-14)

I'm a Scientist - Kitchen - Another great experiment book all based on things you can do in the kitchen, to teach science - LOVE it!! Geared to ages 4-7 so our young set can experiment as well. Who wouldn't want to build with uncooked spaghetti noodles and giant marshmallows!?!?!?

Who's In Charge? - This is an interesting look at politics - from ancient Greece to modern governments - this book covers it all. It is full of great pictures that DK is known for, and fun factoids throughout the book. Geared to ages 7-12 but I know even older readers will enjoy this one!

The Little Brainwaves Investigate...ANIMALS - This is what I TRULY love about DK. Amazing up-close photography and tons of great asides that make learning fun! This one will NOT disappoint!! Geared to ages 5-10 - great information in here on a variety of animals - young and old alike!!

The Big Idea Science Book - I would say this is the GURU book of Science - to say it is comprehensive would be an understatement!! WOW - a HUGE book of science all linked to a website that has 200 specially created digital links that give readers hands-on, interactive learning. (Ages 8-17 - and older, I say!!)

Lastly, two books in the same One Million Things Series - Space and Human Body - both amazing visual guides that again, will NOT disappoint learners, young and old alike. The pictures, alone, are worth looking through the book, but the information given is presented in such a great format - kids will WANT to pick these up! (Ages 8-17)

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