Thursday, October 09, 2008

Lerner Box

Christmas is for me:  A BIG BOX OF BOOKS!!  So, when Lerner sent through some review copies - I was excited - ok, giddy!!  Let me share some of my favorites:

Angel Girl by Laurie Friedman and illustrated by Ofra Amit.  There is a reason this one is first - as I'm dabbing at my eyes with a kleenex - this is POWERFUL!!  A wonderful Holocaust picture book - the story is precious - incredible - and one you won't soon forget!  (Oh, and it's based on a true story!)
Class Three at Sea by Julia Jarman and illustrated by Lynne Chapman is a fun romp!  I mean really, what would you expect from a book where a class gets lost at sea, only to be "found" by a group of rowdy pirates?  (Perfect for your "pirate" story hours!)
I Know an Old Teacher by Anne Bowen and illustrated Stephen Gammell - this one is another fun one.  I know, there are SO many "I Know An..."  books out there but this one is fun and deserves to be among them!
Hush Harbor:  Praying in Secret by Freddi Williams Evans and illustrated by Erin Bennett Banks.  I DO SO ENJOY these historical picture books.  It is pure reading for enjoyment while learning something that WILL stick!  This is a book on what African Americans had to go through to even worship together during times of slavery.  Another book based on true events - powerful!
Name that Style:  All About Isms in Art - Bob Raczka.  This caught my eye as I am getting ready for next year's Summer Reading Program (all about Fine Arts).  This is really a useful book - for anyone studying/learning about art and the periods of art - it is concise and yet interesting - a great tool for students and teachers!
Ok - here's one that you MUST admit you needed in school - "Mrs. Riley Bought Five Itchy Aardvarks" and Other Painless Tricks for Memorizing Science Facts by Brian P. Cleary and illustrated by J. P. Sandy.  First off - it's Brian Cleary - need I say more!!?  Ok, since you need more convincing - I mean really, how else can you memorize the six major animal groups??  (Hence, the title!!)

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