Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kane Miller at its Best!!

One of my favorite publishers of all times???? It has to be Kane Miller - They are marvelous at representing multicultural literature and this box is no exception.

New Clothes for New Year's Day by Hyun-Joo Bae is first of all, BEAUTIFUL!! The illustrations are wonderful and give the feel beautifully for this New Year holiday - Korean style. Totally endearing - one that is already on my daughter's shelf!

Who's Hiding by Satoru Onishi. I LOVE this one!! It is very fun and you could use it with younger children. Each 2 pg. spread asks you to find an animal - one who is ..... hiding, crying, etc. VERY FUN!

My Father's Shop by Satomi Ichikawa - this is a fun story. It takes place in this boy's father's shop - all because he has a rooster that everyone wants to see! I love this because you can see how to make rooster sounds in ALL different languages. Very fun!

Here's a fun one! What happens when a rabbit escapes out of his cage and has the WHOLE house to himself?!?! While We Were Out by Ho Baek Lee is just that story - very cute and perfect for toddler storytime as well.

Guji Guji by Chih-Yuan Chen is a WONDERFUL tale about a brilliant crocodile that hatches in a nest of ducks!! I am telling you - this one is hilarious AND fun!! Don't miss it!

Singing to the Sun by Vivian French and illustrated by Jackie Morris. This is a gorgeous fairy tale - and I mean gorgeous. It is thought-provoking tale of Thorfinn and his process to choose a bride.

Cat by Mike Dumbleton and illustrated by Craig Smith is simple yet profound! I love this one!! Cat meets up with all sorts of wonderful adventures. My favorite?? See what happens when she meets the sprinkler!

I am telling you - you just can't go wrong with Kane Miller!

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