Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sylvan Dell Does it AGAIN!!!

Probably one of my favorite boxes to open here at the library is from Sylvan Dell Publishing.  And this box was no exception! 

Of course - bird books are right up there in my book!  So Whistling Wings by Laura Goering and illustrated by Laura Jacques was one of my favorites!  It is the story of a tundra swan and his first adventure with migration.  That is why I LOVE Sylvan Dell - their stories are such great teaching tools.  You get information on birds, migration, tundra life, the list goes on and on.  AND the teaching tools on their website are FABULOUS!!
River Beds by Gail Langer Karwoski, illustrated by Connie McLennan is another great read.  Again, I must say Sylvan Dell also specializes in making their illustrations the best they can be - they find superb illustrators and their work is almost life-like.  River Beds is a beautiful book that takes you around the world on a boat ride and shows you how mammals sleep  on 10 different rivers in the world.  Great concept and I can see it being used in story hours/classrooms as well.  You could take off on the bedtime/sleep theme, rivers, many more - it is just superb!
My Half Day by Doris Fisher and Dani Sneed, illustrated by Karen Lee is a great follow up to My Even Day and One Odd Day by Fisher.  See why I love these books???  Math and Science all in picture book format - I LOVE it!!  This book would be great for fractions, measuring, etc.  ~ wonderful math!!!!  AND be sure to go to their website for even more activities that go with the book - they are a wealth of information for teachers!
John McGranaghan's Saturn for my Birthday is SO fun.  Little Jeffrey wants Saturn for his birthday - oh yes, and the moons too - make that all 47 of them!!!  I love it that they are not all for him though - he will gladly share them with his friends, teacher, etc!  There are great facts in here on Saturn and the Solar System - don't miss this one!  The magnificent illustrator on this one is Wendy Edelson - she has her own unique style and it is superb!
Who could not LOVE this one!?!?  Blackberry Banquet by Terry Pierce and illustrated by Lisa Downey is all about those wonderful forest animals.  You could pair this with animal sounds, the food chain, plants, even blueberry recipes!  This is another great one -that just makes a great read aloud all on its own!
Oh so sad to get to the bottom of a box!!!  Sort it Out by Barbara Mariconda and illustrated by Sherry Rogers was a fun find at the bottom!  I did a story hour just last year and needed books on sorting and this would have been great!  This fun story is told in rhyme but with a great way of letting the kids interact and add ideas while you are reading - so fun for reading aloud!  Sorting, graphing, attributes, even writing ideas - this one is another great find!
Thank you Sylvan Dell - I can not tell you how much I give these books to parents AND teachers alike and ALWAYS send them to your website as well - you are REALLY leaving your mark in the education world!

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